Surface tablet less than 2 percent of market, says Dell

Cnet : Dell executives expect sales of Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablet to be "relatively small."

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Software_Lover2113d ago

Well I'm buying the Surface Tablet. I dont care about percentages. I cant use the ipad in the way that I would like to use it considering the cost. The kindle fire is good for gaming and social networks.

This tablet will serve the business purpose for myself. Now if we can only get the price out.

Aussiegamer2113d ago

Does dell really believe that surface wont appeal to people? Who do they come to the conclusion of less then 2%?
Surface defiantly appeals to me, and im sure it appeals to a lot of other people that don't wanna use a large ipod touch.

It will be interesting to see how it performs, would be great to see it do well.