Sugar Found In Space: A Sign of Life?

National Geographic: Astronomers have made a sweet discovery: simple sugar molecules floating in the gas around a star some 400 light-years away, suggesting the possibility of life on other planets.

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Lord_Sloth1759d ago

So who tasted it to verify it was sugar? XXXP

NewMonday1759d ago

life needs water and adequate temperatures

SilentNegotiator1759d ago

How do you verify a substance from 400 LY away at all?

SilentNegotiator1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


lol, they can't pinpoint the location because the resolution is low, but they can figure out that it contains sugar molecules? Ooohhhhhhh, my brain. So....ridiculous! ARGHuHuH

I think the better explanation is:
"We need to find signs of life to keep interest up, and thus funding. So we found something vague. Which was of course a sign of life"

ChrisW1759d ago

So... Candyland does exist!!!

Speed-Racer1759d ago

Oh so that's where Willy Wonka is keeping his factory!

Straightupbeastly1759d ago

This would be news worthy if it was cocaine instead

SSKILLZ1758d ago

haha you would have all these narcs trying build a space ship ASAP

Tzuno1759d ago

Ahaaa! so that's where that nasty diablo 3 goblin escapes.

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