Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes

The Register: Hollywood actor Bruce Willis could reportedly take Apple to court over a massive digital music library that he wants to pass on to his kids when he dies.

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LackTrue4K2089d ago

"Bruce Willis can DIE HARD!!!" LOL...

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892088d ago

Why wouldnt he just leave them the password to his apple id lol. Also If this story is true it really just promotes piracy and the fact that apple is saying u don't own the music is rediculous lol

hazelamy2088d ago

it seems like the part about Willis suing is untrue, but it is true that technically you can't leave your downloads to somebody else when you die.

i don't know how the recent EU court ruling would affect that for Eu buyers though

of course if it's just music, burn it all to disc, and apple can shove their terms up their arse.

or do what i like to do and just buy the cds and then questions over inheritance become a non issue.

3-4-52088d ago

I can leave my Cd's to whomever I want though. That is what I love about the physical copy of a CD or Game.

You actually physically own it.

The real question is: Does apple sell physical copies of music as well ? If so : If I buy a physical copy from them, do they own that as well ? I think not..

I would love to see apple walk into somebody's house and take their music from them. Won't happen.

The Greed will backfire...always does.