What Killed the Linux Desktop

tirania : The hard disk that hosted my /home directory on my Linux machine failed so I had to replace it with a new one. Since this machine lives under my desk, I had to unplug all the cables, get it out, swap the hard drives and plug everything back again.

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Qrphe2085d ago

Ubuntu and Mint brought up Linux to the mainstream lol

evil_element2085d ago

Linux died???

Mac OSX is Linux relative.

Android is Linux inside out and its available for the desktop.

Chrome OS is Linux based.
Ubuntu/mint are main stream Linux OS's.

sjaakiejj2084d ago

I've developed for Linux for years now, and not once has my code not worked for any of the major distros. The projects I worked on were both small and large, so if your code breaks because of a change of distro, or a change of version, your code is lousy.

The truth is, there's a far bigger risk of your code breaking from Windows 7 to Windows 8 than there is breaking it from any linux distro to any other linux distro, so I question the validity of this article.