Microsoft spies Apple vulnerability

Cnet : Microsoft and its partners find a hole in Apple's defenses

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ZoyosJD1699d ago

I think a laptop with LEAP (kinect like device) built in would solve all of these complaints.

AgentWhite1699d ago

There are not enough apps for windows 8 , But surely they will improve .

1699d ago
iamgoatman1699d ago

That make use of the touch features or in general? If you mean the latter, why would you need apps when most programs can be used on Windows 8. Windows based software outnumbers mobile apps quite considerably.

So in this case, it's the opposite of what you said, they have the MOST apps or applications.

Software_Lover1697d ago

Apps................ROFLMAO!!! !!

I'm sure the actual social networking apps will be there, but for the most part windows users prefer full fledged programs. I dont have to download a steam app when I can install the full program. Image app, no thanks, I'll just install photoshop.

TheGamingArt1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

and I'll take a full fledge laptop to use a full fledge program without my system full fledge crashing. Sorry guys, Windows 8 is god awful for a tablet. With a keyboard it's great... but with a keyboard and a tablet... why not get a computer? I understand portability... but I'd rather an Air.