Why Apple is Pushing Companies to Charge More...

Tech Corner:
You may call Apple a patent troll or you may call what they are doing justice, but whatever you call it, Apple is potentially going to cost every single person more money in the future. Whether they are purchasing an Apple product or not.

You may be tired of reading about the drama, about how Samsung is screwed, or how Android is screwed but the fact of the matter is that all those companies are going to survive no matter what the final outcome of this appeal is. The reason that I am writing this article is for another reason that I have not seen covered yet. The reason is FRAND patents.

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Mikefizzled2119d ago

Just because you do doesn't mean all other companies should follow suit.

darthkai2118d ago

Because Apple are a bunch of evil greedy bastards who make okay products and sell them for twice the price.