Apple adds Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note to amended 'Galaxy Nexus' complaint

Apple Insider : Apple on Friday filed an amended complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, adding two versions each of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note to its original claims of patent infringement against a number of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Noctis Aftermath2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

If this doesn't show how anti-competitive apple is, i dont know what does.

Galaxy s3 looks ugly due to them designing it so that it looks clearly different, but apple is basically trying to say anything that's rectangle shaped with a touchscreen = IPHONE COPY!!!!!!!

Also the note has a huge ass screen(so does S3) how the hell could anyone mix them up when you put them next to each other?

Apple have patents on the most stupid shit, now im not saying samsung and other companies do not have stupid patents, but apple is the one going overboard with patent claims trying to sue all it's major competitors to stop them competing so they can have a monopoly, fuck them.

TLDR; Apple makes good products but seems to think that because they started the smartphone revolution that they deserve a monopoly.

fatstarr2115d ago

funny thing is the iphone 5 is copying the galaxy s3 -_-

i despise apple for this one, kill away your biggest threats thats how to succeeded and create a monopoly

solid warlord2115d ago

Well since Apple are an American company, its likely only in America that apple can only win patent. Europe, Japan an korea and rest of the world Samsung will win.

tachy0n2114d ago

samsung won in japan, i cant believe crapple is too much of a pu&&y to go face to face towards google. Galaxy S3 is basically the best phone you can get right now, ask anybody.

funny because like a week ago i went to the mall and the apple store was almost empty while the microsoft store was exploding with people.

hellvaguy2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Apple exec: Hey lets sue Samsung today. They have this regtangular piece of plastic that makes phone calls when you hit send.

TKCMuzzer2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

"Slide to Unlock". Is there nothing Apple aren't claiming for, I've never seen a company so scared of competition that they are trying to sue them for everything. If Apple actually invested the money and added something decent to their forthcoming devices instead of charging Premium prices for very little upgrades then maybe they would not have to worry about the competition.

"We are Apple, how dare you make a Smartphone better than ours, we have many customers willing to splash out each year for very little change, how dare you give them an alternative"

Next they will be claiming to have invented the phone.

HD_GAMER19892116d ago

have to admit that samsung galaxy s 3 looks almost identical to the iphone 3gs just slimmer and minor button details. apple is only suing them cause the plagiarism is so ridiculously obvious. i agree with points from both sides im not biased.

Noctis Aftermath2116d ago

So what options are their for phone makers concerning touchscreen smartphones? large touchscreen, 1-3 facebuttons, rectangle shape, preferably thin.

^^^^ please show me how to make a phone that looks nothing like an apple smartphone whilst sticking to those guidelines.

People can't seem to understand that the touchscreen replaced the number pad so there is no need for more then a couple face buttons, and the rectangle shape has been the shape of all phones for fucking decades, apple only made a few changes to the already existing design and then they come in and want to claim it for themselves.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

This is my mobile account but I am hd gamer and to clear things up I was just stating why apple is suing Samsung didn't say it was right. Competition is good for the consumers and if apple succeeds at destroying competition with their nazi patent infringement witch hunts were all screwed. What apple is doing is so rediculous but it could set a horrible standard in the electronic world . Pretty Soon tv companies will be suing each other for all for being square and thin And black. Not to mention tv remotes. If u want to compete apple make a reliable product that is well priced and you'll beat samsung with out being cheap sons of bitches. Apple needs to nut up or shut up and separate their products from samsung instead of wasting time trying to destroy them...0_o

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Also looking closer at my friends samsung galaxy s2I think apple is full of shit and I think it bs that they only one because the case was held in the USA. If you look at the Samsung phone it's completely different doesn't even feel like an iPhone it's lighter it's wider it's made of plastic bezel it has touchscreen face buttons. The camera is in the middle of the phone the charging port is different the mic speaker is at the back of the phone the volume lock buttons are different if somebody mistakes a sammsung smart phone for any iPhone they deserve to be shot on sight. Apple is abusing the system. They should be worrying about keeping their loyal fans happy with new improved reliable and economically priced apple products, but instead their trying to destroy Samsung to hopefully pursuade the haters to buy there products. why can't cell phones be like TVs. People aren't gunna start making round shaped TVs instead of rectangle just to be different. A electronic product should be prosecuted when even just minor difference exist.

KwietStorm2116d ago

Are you being sarcastic when you say the Galaxy S3 looks identical to the iPhone 3GS?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892115d ago

would u believe me if I said yes lol haha

KingPin2116d ago

exactly what did apple really invent.

research shows......

siri - well thats exactly like the xiaoi bot, a 2010 chinese assistant for android.

the rounded corners with home button design - meet the samsung F700. the designer of this phone wasn't allowed testimony in the court case. seems fair right?!!

a simple icon homescreen - sony erricson M610i did. a year before the first iphone.

slide to unlock - that was officially Windows CE, 2 years before the iphone.

notification bar - well we all know thats an android feature. three years too late Apple.

talk about patenting shit that seems obvious to the rest of the world. guess if the next phone can make a call, sms, IM, use will sue them.

KwietStorm2116d ago

The whole thing is disrespectful to us as consumers. Have you read about all the contradictions in the jury's "decision?"

NovusTerminus2115d ago

I had not seen that... Can you find a link for me, please?

rob200902115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

Apple didn't even invent Siri, they bought it.

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