It’s back! Samsung revives the Start button in Windows 8

Which? Conversation: Microsoft has dumped the Start button from its upcoming Windows 8 operating system. We’ve previously asked whether you’ll miss it – Samsung’s answer to that is ‘yes’ as the company is bringing it back.

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Bounkass2087d ago

I actually like the no-start-button-start-buttton.

Edito2087d ago

Apple Will sue samsung ans MS over this phone design hehehe... Crapple...

1nsaint2087d ago


NCAzrael2087d ago

Meh, doesn't matter at all to me. I won't be letting Windows 8 anywhere near my PC. If I wanted my computer to act like a tablet, I'd buy a tablet.

Bzone242087d ago

You are the kind of person that complained when phones started doing more than place and receive calls. 'If I wanted my phone to take pictures, I'd buy a camera.' 'If I wanted to check my email, I'd buy a computer.' 'If I wanted to my iPhone to act like an iPod, I'd buy an iPod.' etc, etc...

sourav932086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

But what he wasn't wrong in what he said, and your analogies are actually quite poor.
A phone is used for making and receiving calls and text, whereas a camera is used for taking pictures. 2 very different things. A camera app for a phone allows the phone to capture images. However, a tablet is just a portable, touch screen PC, though, it is not as versatile as a PC (full form i.e. desktop, laptop).
Will Windows 8 make my PC touch screen? No. Will Windows 8 make my PC (desktop) portable? No. So what he said, made sense. But your argument against did not. If you had said something along the lines of Windows 8 is a much more optimised OS which allows faster boot times and general speed increase, then it would have made sense, and I would have probably backed you up.
I apologies for the technicalities. But this is a tech site, and I am a techie. Peace.

Bzone242086d ago

Everyone knows Windows 8 won't make your PC touch screen. Adding a touch screen monitor will help in achieving that. Did adding a camera app for a phone turn the phone into a camera? Nope. It needed a compact camera added. Just as a touch screen needs added. I would have thought a techie would know an app wouldn't magically make a phone into a camera without an actual camera lense anywhere on the phone.

Also, I never said whether or not what he said makes sense. I'm basically saying he is a complainer of things that are new or different from the norm.

Your technicalities are quite poor for being a 'techie'. :)

NCAzrael2078d ago

Actually, no, I'm not the kind of person who complained about my phone being able to do more, because it makes sense for a portable device to be able to do more. I actually love it when my gadgets can do more things, because it generally means one less gadget I have to worry about. But thanks for trying to pigeonhole me as a specific type of person without having the slightest clue about me. I'd tell you what type of person I think you are based off your comments, but that's getting off topic.

My problem with Windows 8 is that my PC is a desktop, not a tablet. It is set up with multiple monitors and designed to make use of the Windows desktop. It is my primary gaming machine, and is set up for easy multitasking. Everything that I've seen on Windows 8 so far makes it feel pretty difficult to multitask, and it throws in a lot of unnecessary steps and a lot of unnecessary features. It'll be a great OS for Windows based tablets, or even touchscreen PCs, but it won't do anything for my PC that I would view as a step up.

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f7897902086d ago

Windows 8 is going to be a disaster. No company is going to want to implement it in their offices because it will mean training ALL their employees.

No IT department is going to let that happen.

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