The Cost of Living: How Android notifications ruin my life

Noble Press: When the HTC One X hit the market, I felt like I could finally jump off the iOS wagon and slip into a nice slim and sexy Android device. On day one, I picked up my One X and spent the next few hours falling in love with Ice Cream Sandwich. No other device I had used had felt so complete and fulfilling. All was well. Then I started to notice something. When I would receive a text while playing music the music would not simply lower it self and notify me of my message. No, the audio would drop completely in this horribly abrupt drop out of music. I thought, that maybe my ring tone had something to do with it. I switched it out and hoped that was the problem. It wasn’t, the next day while driving the harsh cuts started again. It started to become obnoxious, like the original iOS notification pop-ups...

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