Samsung set to strike back against Apple

The Korea Times: Electronics giant in talks with US mobile carriers to get away from patent claims.

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evil_element2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

"It is also closely partnering with Microsoft (MS) to cut its dependency on Google Android, according to officials Wednesday"

"Google apparently doesn’t want the Samsung setback to drag the whole fleet down and is now distancing itself from its most critical business partner."

Then in a blink of an eye the Android user turned against Samsung.

Ohh dear the Samsung support will soon dry up with the millions of An(droid) users.

Captain Qwark 92121d ago

i like ms operating systems the best and next to sony, prefer samsung electronics the best. this is a win win for me.

fatstarr2120d ago

samsung is coming out with fleets and fleets of android powered device.
I dont mind windows either. it s a win win if your against apple.

the battle isnt over yet. everyone is pointing their guns at apple for this upcoming round.

Azmatik2121d ago

if samsung goes away from android google i wont get another samsung phone

aviator1892121d ago

That's cool, you do that.

adorie2121d ago

I'll probably do "that" too. I can't even take MS seriously in the mobile front. Good luck to Samsung.

evil_element2121d ago

Better get myself some popcorn this is going to be good.

Are the Android users getting their torches lit for the great burning of Samsung?

mcstorm2120d ago

Samsung are not going to pull out of android as it is there big money maker at the moment and they have just announced the galaxy note 2 and a new amdroid tablet. Samsung also knows that Microsoft and Nokia are going to be pushing windows and windows phone 8 and samsung was a big peace of this market too and have announced a windows 8 tablet and windows phone 8 today too so samsung will offer both platform and will be pushing them both to get there numbers up even more.

Sarcasm2121d ago

"Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology"

Apple will probably use that extra $1B to come out with a different technology anyway.

KMCROC542121d ago

copy someone's tech as their own then sue the original creator for copying them..

evil_element2121d ago

They cant sue ha. LTE is industry standard technology, not something you can say no to others looking to use it. You can charge them to use it but you cant bar them.

Sarcasm2121d ago

Yeah but supposedly Samsung owns about 10% of LTE patents. I'm sure they are just saying that to strike back at Apple with any chance they get.