Samsung not paying Apple in coins

TFP: Did Samsung pay Apple in 5-cent coins? Nope.

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Speed-Racer2064d ago

The 30 trucks alone should have been the sell out that this was fake.

ShadowKingx2063d ago

yes good point. i was one to believe it, but it can still happen that way if someone want to be paid that way. But yeah very unlikely.

Speed-Racer2063d ago

Oh definitely. It would just require quite a few more trucks and a lot of time and inconvenience.

thebudgetgamer2064d ago

Wow I'm so glad they were able to point that out for us dummies.

Speed-Racer2064d ago

This reminds me of the time someone said they would commit suicide if Facebook shut down. This was around the time when a rumor spread that Mark was stressed out about work and wanted to call the company quits.

-Mezzo-2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I honestly thought that it was real, even the 30 Truck Part.

But damn, 6500+ Degree, 3300 + TechSpy Tweets, 6300+ Facebook Shares,. I expected this story to get hot, but not as much as this.

That story will definitley bring in a lot of new Members to TechSpy, which is Awesome. But will probably bring in more Monthly Contest Competitors for me to deal with, which sucks.

Edit: Would be awesome if someone would link me to that Chinese Publication that submitted this story with a Link to TechSpy.

Speed-Racer2064d ago

This seems to be one of the responsible stories.

-Mezzo-2064d ago

It also made it to ( )


This hoax went big.

LOL_WUT2064d ago

Even though it was just meant for the lulz the people who were cheering and happy for something so childish was startling (even though it was fake).

With that aside i'm sure both companies got a kick out of this, the only difference out of the two is that only one company is going to laugh all the way to bank.

Speed-Racer2064d ago

@LOL_WUT - $1 billion is a drop in the bucket. Go troll somewhere else.

thebudgetgamer2064d ago

I posted it on my Facebook and people really fell for it in hilarious ways.

ZoyosJD2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

It would be funny as **** if this got so big that Samsung followed through...if they were to lose that is.

Speed-Racer2064d ago

Did you read the story though? It would not have made a difference since Apple won't be the ones dealing with the transaction. Both banks would have to suffer and I am pretty sure Samsung's bank would ditch them for such a childish (but legal) stunt like that.

ZoyosJD2064d ago

Both sides would be dealing with the transaction, and both sides have an automatic manner to count the coins anyway, along with major publicity (BTW your a mod, but are you blind as to the advertising revenue that this gag alone brought to this site that did practically nothing?). Watch this hit the news channels tomorrow.

Yeah, dump a multi-hundred-billion dollar compay, over 1 billion, proportionally losing ~$15 for every nickel.

I wouldn't consider receiving 1 billion, even in coins, to be suffering.

Speed-Racer2064d ago

ZoyosJD - you must be joking? Right? Do you think banks just stock pile 20 billion 5 cent pieces on a daily basis? For starters, it's definitely more than 30 trucks. Also, Samsung would have to pay for the security of each truck and for the service to withdraw such a huge amount in physical metal. It might not cost much, but it is an inconvenience. This is the whole reason financial transactions of this proportion can be done electronically or via stocks, bonds, treasury bills, etc. Maybe you should read this and realise how even that small transaction of $114K was a burden on the banks.

ZoyosJD2063d ago

Of course I'm kidding. I'm just testing the realm of plausibility.


Approximately 2025 fully loaded semis would be necessary for the move.

Would cost ~$258,750 in gas/driver/employee hours.

That amount of coinage would require several banks to use all their nickels in the transaction.

Also, comparing the abilities of a consumer bank branch to one that controls several trillion dollars is useless.

I obviously agree that it would be a burden, but is not impossible.

Speed-Racer2063d ago

@ZoyosJD - Oh good. Got scared for a minute there. Yea it's not impossible, but it would just take time. Thing is, I could still make the comparison because even as bank that manages trillions of dollars, it doesn't mean that they still store that much physical coinage. They would be more attuned to electronic only transactions. Most of their storage would still be in the hands of either smaller banks, or whatever federal reserve they serve under. Oh well.

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Crazay2064d ago


It was all just a joke? Oh the humanity of it all.

Edmiri2064d ago

I'm a member here because of this story.
As for payment method I think Samsung should cut the edges of the dollar bills before paying then to the Apple.

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