iPhone 5 coming amid Samsung sell-offs

"Apple's victory in its landmark legal battle may have created a wave of uncertainty for owners of Samsung smartphones -- many are dumping them."

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tachy0n2063d ago

nice flame-bait article this is.

thebudgetgamer2063d ago

If it read, "Crapple to release Iphone" would you be all. Yea crapple sucks?

tachy0n2063d ago

you know how to read? did you read the part that says that ALL samsung owners are dumping their phones cause of the legal dispute?

adorie2063d ago

this sounds like sensationalism. seriously?

i know 4 people in the office that are interested in GSIII. we know more or less what the new Iphone is going to look like... same shit with a new screen. It's a pretty phone, but if it doesn't have upgraded guts that enhance the user experience, instead of more-of-the-same (a term we're starting to hear more after the Iphone 4)
I am willing to bet the brand will begin to stagnate, if not.. then I must be giving the general population too much credit.