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Goophone i5: The iPhone 5 Is Already Being Cloned In China

NRM: "It's fair to say that we've seen a fair few mobile devices from China that far surpass the idea of shameless copying beyond anything that Samsung has ever infringed upon. This definitely takes it to an all new level, as before any official announcement of marketing of the upcoming iPhone 5 has occured, an Android clone has been made in the Far East."

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Moentjers2062d ago

A lot of followers of TechSpy (and other media) find it inappropriate that Apple would complain against these practices. In fact, they should hand them over all technical designs that helps them copy their newest products. Hell, why not selling them in the Apple Stores ?

adorie2061d ago

This is rather funny, since Apple can't really do anything.

I love it when companies from the U.S have to suck it up because China doesn't respect copyright and can't be bullied to do so. LMAO!

I apologize for the loss of composure, but this is really humorous to me.