Apple's True Intentions Behind the Samsung Suit

PCMag: When news broke that Apple would sue Samsung for $2.5 billion over patent and design issues, I was stunned—not because Apple was suing Samsung, but because the amount in damages it was suing for was so low.

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tachy0n1704d ago

google and microsoft should hit apple back and even harder! the rotten apple has to die.

SJIND1704d ago

You mean Google and Microsoft team up against Apple????

fatstarr1703d ago

if they did that apple would be destroyed and the government would intervene to stop such a powerhouse from happening.

I dont know why Microsoft doesn't flex its patent muscles there's 100s that infringe on them.

Shadow Flare1703d ago

Yes, maybe one day the evil monster corporation apple will finally be destroyed, and then the perfect angelic companies like samsung and google will finally bring peace on earth. With apples demise, a new world order of peace and happiness will ensue, the whole world will hold hands and sing Good Morning Star Shine, and we can all ride a chocolate horse into the sunset through a double rainbow.


hellvaguy1702d ago

"the government would intervene to stop such a powerhouse from happening"

He didnt say a company merger. He just said team up, as in share the funding and resourcing to fight evil apple. In which case the goverment has zero say in because becoming a monopolistic power wouldnt have occured.

Crazay1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

That's an interesting idea but it'll never happen. I agree that Apple has to go away or be fed a taste of it's own medicine though.

SJIND1704d ago

Hope they are tasting 30 trucks of 5 cents... lol

tachy0n1704d ago

google can sue them over the notification drop down menu which is i believe patented.

KMCROC541704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I don't like Apple but i don't think MS is going to team up w/ Google ever , besides MS can't stand Google. Besides Apple & MS have deals, licensing agreement,contracts that prevent them from suing each other again . i can see Apple & MS teaming up to sue slap the shit out of Google .

badz1491703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

read this

Apple is the biggest customer for Samsung at the moment and THAT didn't stop them from suing each other, right?

it's just that MS is not in a good situation with Google in almost everything which will make them working together against apple an impossibility at the moment! Google search beating Bing, Chrome eating the browser market share over IE, Android beating Windows Mobile and not to forget Google owns Motorola which is still in the process of suing MS over royalty issues with 360!

but Apple and MS vs Google? 3 biggest mobile OS maker in court? no popcorn will be enough for the show LOL!

Edmiri1703d ago

Apple will die when google glasses will show up.

ngecenk1703d ago

you do know that Google has been in fight against ms long before google vs apple, right? you do know that samsung has to pay a certain amount of cash to ms for a feature built with android, right?

Moentjers1703d ago

Google and Microsoft both benefit a lot (a giant lot) by R&D of Apple.

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iSpy1704d ago

True intention is Samsung stop copying our ideas...

Shadow Flare1703d ago

But it's ok for samsung to copy apples ideas because apple is pure evil

_Q_1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

This writer fails to acknowledge that Andy Rubin(also created the sidekick and founded Android in 2003) worked on all of the Modern smart phone platforms sans RIM and is the reason for the similarities of iOS and Android. Apple didnt go after Samsung for the reason that they were the biggest Android licensee. They did it because they thought they could win. Apple settling in court in Germany to pay license fees to Moto should confirm that Apple is a bitter opportunist.

fatstarr1703d ago

the intention was to make a joke of the patent system.
and open the flood gates for frivolous court battles

adorie1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Will we pay in the long run for this patent war?

Cause my crystal ball says "a bit hazy, but all bullsh!t aside, Yes."

SnakeCQC1703d ago

true intention apple are scared apple mobile market share has been diminishing while samsungs has been doing nothing but increasing

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