HTC Desire X leaks in blurry images, showing a 4.0-inch display screen

PCGerms: What we know as the HTC Proto has now been leaked in blurry images. And its name is HTC Desire X according to the new sources. Together with the images, the specs have been leaked which shows the inside scoop with enough details.

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Crazay2121d ago

I've never been a big fan of HTC. Their phones always sound better on paper than in practice when they come out.

One of my buddies who works for a Cell phone company here was jacked up for one of the more recent releases of their phones because he gets all of them for testing purposes but was completely disappointed in the phone when he actually got it.

sjaakiejj2121d ago

I disagree.. The Desire S has been a great value for the price, and it's exactly what I expected from it.