Teenager Arrested After Trying To Use Apple’s EasyPay Service At The Fifth Avenue Store

DeviceSeeker: An Apple Store customer will think twice about using the EasyPay service as he was forced to spend a night in jail due to a failed transaction.

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raytraceme2124d ago

total bs. This is totally the employee's fault. They should have asked for the receipt. Also why would someone who has a macbook pro and an iphone want to steal a flimsy pair of $100 headphones. F U apple. This guy gives you atleast $500-600 in profits yet you send him to jail for mistakenly taking a pair of shitty headphones.

thebudgetgamer2124d ago

So is it the employee's fault or Apple?

raytraceme2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

employee's. An apple store is relatively small. The kid made a mistake by not checking his phone, but at the end it's the fault of the employee who should have asked for a receipt. The undercover security guy should have let hime just press pay now and call it a day since it could have been a missed touch. Now if someone asked for a receipt wouldn't all of this just have been avoided???

fatstarr2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

I agree, 100$ is too low in the apple hipsters price range.

oh well good for him.

such a stupid method to pay, its flawed lol and more people will get wrongfully accused.

Crazay2124d ago

Hahahah! Stupid Apple Hipsters...They make me wanna punch baby koalas

jerethdagryphon2124d ago

very easy to miss a click and if the phone glitched or lagged then even more likly

and if i had a mac pro (god forbid) and an i phone then i definitly wouldnt go into a apple store to steal a set of head phones i could get from walmart or something
especially if i applied for a job

allan852124d ago

Is not the problem of money here. The idea is that Apple EasyPay service is no so easy to use as they say.

chukamachine2123d ago

Apple sell overpriced rubbish. Steer clear.

Captain Qwark 92123d ago

ummmmm if the boy said it was a mistake why didnt he just try to ring it up again???

also the employee is at fault as well

and if he was hanging out for an hour in the store, getting his overpriced macbook fixed while playing on his overpriced phone and filed for a job application there, i doubt he would steel from them. he clearly "was" and apple fanboy why would he want to hurt the company in anyway???

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