iOS 6’s Features, Released

smashiphone: As news of Apple’s win over Samsung has been the headlines of numerous tech venues and avenues – along with how supermodel Kate Upton brought her iPhone with her during a Samsung event – the announced feature set to come with the iOS 6 has somewhat been overshadowed, with understandable cause.

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Moentjers2097d ago

Most important: it still works with my 3GS...

SnakeCQC2097d ago

ios has gotten sooo tedious and apple have become insane thats why ive jumped ship

evil_element2097d ago

lol, really. I have 3GS and it work flawlessly.

Aussiegamer2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Thats rubbish and you know it. The iphone 4 is horribly slow, and the 3gs is even worse.

evil_element2096d ago

@aussiegamer lol, funny I am a developer and iphone user. Thats pure crap.

SnakeCQC2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

i never said anything about them being slow i said the updates are boring and only putting siri on the 4s was pathetic and the patent BS has made me jump ship(3gs was kinda slow and iphone 4 was okay but nowhere near as fast as my current phone the galaxy nexus)

steven83r2097d ago

Umm too bad all previous Iphones can't handle siri not even the Ipad 1. But you can always pay 600 and get yourself an IP4s while i wait for my jellybean update without having to buy a new phone.

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jerethdagryphon2097d ago

no Google financially backed the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., and later purchased it in 2005.

its a mobile version of linux and as such was in development long before ios which is in effect a gui over mac os x which is a gui over a modified unix core..

windows is the only non UNIX os to be its own beast

android mac os Solaris Linux others all share a common ancestry in unix

whos copying who now. as for versions of desert

Linux is a living os as such Ubuntu and android are living designs they evolve and change hence more often updated

however most phones running gingerbread can run jelly bean with no problem its up to android user to find and flash a rom, which by the way is perfectly permitted by some manufacturers

Satish132097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

To be fair when Android started up they were looking to compete against BlackBerry and that kind of interface, its not until Apple released the first iPhone they went back to the drawing board. Hence the similarities.

LOL_WUT2097d ago

I just hope when I update this I won't loose all my music and pictures like last time.