Samsung shares fall after jury orders $1bn in damages

BBC : Shares of Samsung Electronics have suffered their biggest fall in a single day, in almost four years, after a US jury found the technology giant copied designs from Apple.

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thebudgetgamer2124d ago

That's rough, hopefully they can turn it around.

cee7732123d ago

yea the battle but not the war this will be appealed

360ICE2124d ago

Oh, this is like a gladiator fight.

Yes! Die! Die corporations, die!
I have everything and you have nothing!

...wait a moment

JBernardo2124d ago

This is retarded to be honest. Apple wants to monopolize the industry, and the US courts are just kissing their shinny $$$ ass. I don't own a Samsung, and I agree that they went a little over the board with the design of their products, but don't think for a minute that Apple wouldn't abuse a patent just to strike down any other smartphones... It's very sad, they are the biggest company in the world atm, and they still want more and more... Sounds very greedy to me...........

thebudgetgamer2124d ago

Do you think Samsung would not have done the same if the roles were reversed?

Pandamobile2123d ago

No, because Samsung actually try to compete. Apple on the other hand is losing marketshare to Android and can no longer compete with the number and variety of today's smartphone world, so they're just trying to sue the pants off of anyone that makes cell phones, starting with the biggest.

evil_element2123d ago

lol, don't fear for Samsung. Google will refund them for this lost battle. Like it goes everyone believes in the proxy company (Samsung), while google can secretly plot the next attack through its next puppet company.

Odd how it took decades for both Apple and M$ to get where they are today. While newer companies just move in leaps and bounds with little to no R&D.

Raf1k12123d ago


Me smells a conspiracy theorist lol.

zag2123d ago

Google don't make money of android, they made 38 million of android and said it'll generally always lose money.

reason is that any company can use android it's a freebie OS for companies to use.

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The story is too old to be commented.