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Windows 8: A Quick Round Up Of Reviews

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft is getting both praise and criticism over choices it made with Windows 8, but nothing can be changed now that the final version of the OS is in the hands of reviewers. We have been taking a keen look at all the reviews of Windows 8 out there on the Internet, and so far, the general consumption is that Windows 8 is good.

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mcstorm2099d ago

I really like windows 8. I was abit unsure at the beginning when i put it on my 3 year old laptop but i have to say since putting the final version on my laptop i have to say i think its better to use than windows 7 once you have it setup and find out the shortcut keys.

I do think this will be a very good os on a tablet and im thinking of selling my xoom for a surface when it comes out but since my xoom has got jellybean it has become alot more stable and usable os but my biggest problem with it is printing as i still need a pc to be able to print too and im not able to print everything with it.

Im sure people will have there say on what they like but one thing i am glad of is we now have microsoft apple and google all pushing g each other and as a customer that is only a good thing.

AO1JMM2098d ago

That is the only reviews? small list...