Microsoft Logo Evolution Over 37 Year Period (PHOTOS)

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft has been around for 37 years, and during this time, the company managed to change its logo 5 times. The company wasn't shy about changing its logo in the early days, but when it changed to a different logo in 1987, it would take another 25 years before a new logo was brought into the fray."

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evil_element2098d ago

M$ has probably patented the square as their property, the windows in your house as their own and the colours red, yellow, green and blue as their own.

!!!Creating any images or objects which look close to or use elements of the above may result in $1,000,000 fines.!!!

p.s This logo was created with Microsoft Paint.

Flavor2098d ago

Hating on microsoft is so 1999.

evil_element2098d ago

Hating on a company run by sweaty armpits Steve Ballmer. Didn't want to ditch Windows OS to go channel all of M$ fortunes into Bing.

Aussiegamer2098d ago

Get up with the time evil, hating on M$ was so early 00's.

Speed-Racer2098d ago

Really evil_element? Clearly you are missing the fact that we have evolved into a minimalist period. Gone are glossy bezelled images and buttons. Assuming your statement about patents is ever true, I wouldn't blame them because Apple might beat them to it if they got a chance.

mcstorm2098d ago

I like the new logo and its the start of microsofts point for being simple.

chukamachine2098d ago

The new logo probably cost 5million for some pathetic ad agency to think up.

evil_element2098d ago

Could have got 5 years old to think more creatively.

pwneddemocrat2098d ago

4 colored squares is so creative

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