Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dead at 82

Toronto Sun

U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took a giant leap for mankind when he became the first person to walk on the moon, has died at the age of 82, his family said on Saturday.

The family said in a statement online that Armstrong died following complications from heart-bypass surgery he underwent earlier this month, just two days after his birthday on Aug. 5.

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Crazay2093d ago

Big thanks to you Mr.Armstrong for all you've done. God Speed as you embark on one last great journey into the unknown.

NewMonday2092d ago

a big farce in human history!

2092d ago
pandehz2092d ago

Hope they have an epic memorial for him

hazelamy2092d ago

there's a man who i doubt will ever be forgotten so long as humanity survives.
he took part in one of the most momentous acts in human history, the first human being to set foot on another world, a cold dead small world, but still.

for that he has earned his place in history.

when humanity does visit other worlds in person, Neil Armstrong will always be remembered as the pioneer.

Fil1012092d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree maybe because the moon is a dead star and not a planet but still "well said hazelamy". R.I.P SIR Neil Armstrong, well if he was brittish he would ahve been.

krazykombatant2092d ago

maybe because the moon is a dead star not a planet

the moon is a dead star not a planet

moon is a dead star

dead star......

You kidding me man?


i've seen enough BS to know where this is going. R.I.P Neil Armstrong and thank you for making history class so entertaining

b163o12092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

We never landed on the moon. It's the ultimate one up on Russia, "You beat us to space so we're going to the moon. Now top that."

I really don't be leave we had the technology to broadcast that to every home back then.

Pushagree2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

If it was faked, the russians would have jumped all over it to humiliate us Americans during the space race. (hint:they didnt)

How about you think before you say something so fantastically stupid next time.

Shadow Flare2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Exactly. That is the one piece of evidence that completely proves they actually did land on the moon. A lot of places around the whole world, and especially Russia, very much so Russia had satellites dishes aimed at the moon. They would know if they hadn't gone to the moon and would be screaming at the top of their voice about it.

But they've said nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We've landed on the moon. Take a moment to relish in how special that actually is.

ProjectVulcan2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

This is the very best evidence of them all for now, for me.

The idea you could keep a cover up like that secret for so many years is laughable, I mean, the government leaks like the Titanic and always has when there are more than a couple people involved. Let alone thousands!

But the idea that you could keep it totally secret from the Soviets at that time is just outright retarded.

They had the capability, technology and understanding to track the whole thing. They could just as easily bounce their lasers off the reflectors left on the moon surface by the Apollo missions. I am quite sure they did, as soon as possible.

They had the ultimate motivation to expose any conspiracy. They had the spies, expertise and the money and most importantly that motivation to do so if one existed.

But they never did, they accepted it.

You could turn around and say the lunar recon photos of the landing sites a few years ago were also fakes, but you can't fake human nature to uncover secrets.

NewMonday2092d ago

the Russians did say it was a lie, but no social networks or worldwide broadcasting to claim otherwise back then.

i used to take it as a fact, but the science about it makes it hard to believe, the strong popular opinion about it is making the masses believe it truth.

if they can send men to the moon and back way back then, the we should have a small base by now, but no , not even a foothold

Imalwaysright2092d ago

HMM there is evidence that man has been on the moon and its called moon rocks. Why rely on spie games when you can prove with something that you can hold in your hands?

ProjectVulcan2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

"the Russians did say it was a lie, but no social networks or worldwide broadcasting to claim otherwise back then"

Bollocks did they. They acknowledged the feat.

The science backs the landing to the hilt, only idiots with their 'pseudo' science pretend otherwise.

The climate was very different after the accomplishment, NASA's budget was continuously cut and their aims changed. The space race was essentially ended with the moon landings, and so the public were less interested in seeing so much spent on something many started to see as pointless when there were other huge distractions and problems at the time, like Vietnam.

The moon rocks are completely unique. Their geology is like nothing found on earth. NASA were extremely generous and supplied hundreds and hundreds of samples and gifts of it to other countries.

Many analysed them and came to the same conclusion, these were alien rocks, all from the same place.

The moon.

Soviet probes collected small samples from the moon robotically, and returned them. They match the massive samples brought back only possible by a human landing program.

THIRD PARTY EVIDENCE all agrees that the landings took place. Beyond control of influence by the american government.

People that deny the landing took place make me angry because of their ignorance and piss poor examination of all the evidence.

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GanjaMan2092d ago

Yh totally agree, there are so many reasons to why it was fake and what i dont understand is that the camera used was HD (at the time) colour camera , they took the pictures in HD colour but then they took the video is really grainy black n white video that looked like it was filmed in 40s even though they only had the one HD colour camera. Then when NASA was asked where did the full HD colour video go they said they "lost" it, i reckon they filmed it in colour first but it looked to fake so they binned it then did it with some really shitty black n white camera so u woudnt find as many faults. Would say more reasons but g2g
+ heres some images of the shadows going two different ways even though there is only the sun as a light source lol. you can tell they used studio lights with these, especially the 2nd one.

Pushagree2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

I really don't see what those photos were supposed to prove. All the shadows are going roughly in the same direction. Even photos with shadows crossing have been recreated on a small scale using only one light source. (see Mythbusters link) The whole shadow consipracy theory has been disproven a long time ago. Just because you have one light source doesnt mean the shadows will all be facing perfectly in the same direction. You have to take into account the topography and the differing heights of the astronauts, rocks, and the spaceship and you will get varying shadows from one light source.

Besides even if my first unbreakable statement of logic wasn't enough for you tin foil hat conspiracy nuts, there is also the fact that we left plenty of evidence on the moon to prove that we have been there including laser detectors that could only be there if a human being had landed there and put them there. (link 2)

Link 1 also leads to more videos debunking further rebuttals you may have. (eg the infamous flag waving) I highly suggest watching them in order to educate yourself. Conspiracy theorists prey on those who are ignorant of the world around them and brainwash them to sell them books. They don't care about the truth, they care about exploitation of the ignorant.

ProjectVulcan2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Everytime I read a conspiracy theorist they sound idiotic.

HD? What the foo was HD in 1969? Apollo 11 just had film like everybody else, top quality film in a top quality camera at that time for stills. 70mm Hasselblad cameras on the surface, we are talking expensive top end things for stills.

As for stuff like the colour video, there was a small 200 line colour camera with a pathetic broadcast bandwidth. This was the 1960's FFS! Live international TV broadcasting was in its infancy, let alone from the moon....

Do you honestly think a 1960's colour video camera was anything like as sophisticated as the stills cameras? Even non broadcast film cameras were not stupendous quality, just watch any TV recorded programme from that era. I hasten to add, most TV programmes were not filmed on the moon's surface!

It isn't a mystery that still photography technology was vastly superior to broadcast video in 1969 seeing as though it had been around 100 years longer. Its bleeding obvious.

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b163o12092d ago

You guys are hilarious. Moon rocks? Really. My whole view of the situation is we didn't know crap about space(Solar winds, solar flares, or radiation levels) but we're going to throw 4-5 guys in a Vessel and throw them at the moon. You guys fall right where the government wants you to lmao, you guys are drones

hazelamy2090d ago

you really think they could have covered up a faked moon landing for this long?

that of all the thousands of people that would have had to have been involved, not one would let the secret out?

there were dishes round the world picking up the signal from the lunar lander, you know where they were pointed?

but they didn't bradcast straight from the lander to people's homes, they didn't have the technology to do that then, and i doubt we could do that now, those dishes received the signals and then relayed them to tv stations round the world who showed them.
they had communication satellites then, they'd been used for tv since the 1964 olympics at least.

sure it was dangerous, but that's the risk with exploration.
i mean, people had died on the launchpad, but they knew the risk was worth it.
they knew this was a step humanity needed to take.
and they wanted to be the ones to take it.

b163o12090d ago

I don't beleave we Landed on the Moon, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinating JFK, and more that i'll keep to myself. It's my opinion, it may not be for everyone. Our Goverment is so good at doing thing in open and not being seen its crazy. Do you know the real reason womens rights where passed??? It's Cause the Government was only taxing half the nation lol. Go on youtube and look up Rockerfeller 9 11. Open your mind

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chukamachine2092d ago

I don't think we have ever landed on the moon.

I think it was done because of the space race, way to many people that worked for NASA died during that time, i think murdered. Some astronauts burned to death, some died in weird accidents

You might not agree, that's fine.

But every has there own opinions.

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