Can Nexus 7 Tablet Survive Tablet War?

2012 is year of tablets with announcements and releases of most awaited tablets from Apple, Microsoft , Samsung and at last Google. The tablet war has just started and is going to be more furious with many twisted turns.

Source :- Weird Technology Blog 2012

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Series_IIa2095d ago

I bought a 16gb Nexus 7 a couple of weeks ago, its an absolutely bit of amazing technology, considering its out of stock everywhere proves just how popular the device is!

The thing I don't get is the main group of people who complain about the lack of SD slot are the same people who praise the iPad(which in itself is an amazing bit of tech!) which itself doesn't have a SD card slot and forces you to use iTunes to sync everything, which is as locked down as you can get... Saying that though the iPad itself is amazing compared to the Nexus just due to its screen size.

But I do love both... I just don't like Apple at the moment with all of its ugly and unjust patent battles.

shrutivats942095d ago

nice review @series but i think nexus 7 is better then iPad