CyberPowerPC Xplorer X6-9120 Gaming Laptop Review @ Custom PC Review

CPCR: "Today, we’ll be reviewing the new budget oriented CyberPowerPC Xplorer X6-9120 15.6″ gaming notebook. The Xplorer X6-9120 is actually what enthusiasts typically call a “whitebook”. In short, whitebooks are basically barebones notebooks produced by large notebook manufacturers to be sold to resellers, OEMs, etc. so that they may be rebranded, configured and then sold to end users. The specific whitebook we have today is the Pegatron A15FD..."

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hellvaguy2304d ago

Im never buying a high gloss finish laptop again. That surface is ridiculously easy to scratch and shouldnt ever have a place in laptop surfaces. I love the ASUS rubber matte finish ftw. Hopefully more go with that.