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TechRadar - It's a bold move to head off the danger of Windows becoming irrelevant in an iPad future by giving you the best of both worlds. You can have a slim, lightweight, cheap tablet with a tablet OS that can also run Office and turn into a notebook when you add a keyboard (we have to see the final version of Windows RT to see how well this works, but so far we're impressed).

Or you can have a slightly larger and pricier tablet with a tablet OS that can also run Office and all your applications and turn into a notebook when you add a keyboard. Or you can get all of that in a notebook or a desktop, as long as you can deal with the touch-friendly interface.

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-Mezzo-1978d ago

After a these 'Windows 8 Sucks' articles all over the web, it get a near perfect Score. Confused I Am.

Guess i'll have to wait and try it for myself.

mushroomwig1977d ago

There's nothing to be really confused over, people have different opinions.

DoomeDx1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Im used to be one of the haters.

But now, i dont want to go back to windows 7 after using Windows 8 Enterprise.
The metro (Tablet view) is horrible. it just doesnt belong to the PC if you ask me. It just doesnt really fit.

But if you can look through it, and use the 'classic' desktop view, windows 8 has alot of improvements over windows 7. Also im having a huge performance gain when playing games.

fatstarr1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

nothing is wrong with windows 8 what so ever.
people are just butthurt when its optional right now.
microsoft isnt forcing 8 on us.

from my usings windows 8 is just windows 7 with some tablet optimized features tacked on. lots of new simple ad ons for the mainstream and casual so they can set up the computer easily.

of course early adopters arent gonna have fun, you have to wait for the good stuff to be made and ported over.

its not for gaming yet.
everything else is fully functional.

southernbanana1977d ago

I am confused with the Windows 8 sucks articles myself. I have been using Windows 8 daily since the developer preview and my experience tells me it is the best OS Microsoft has ever made. I feel like elaborating right now but I do suggest people give it a try. And by try I mean for more than a few minutes.

wishingW3L1977d ago

I've been using the RTM since the link and I believe you're exaggerating.

chand171977d ago

How on earth can you compare RTM to the full os, thats like comparing IOS with OS x

DoomeDx1977d ago

Because people hate on new things.

Like the facebook timeline. People hate it, but when they get used to it, they like it.

I for one, love windows 8

fatstarr1977d ago

people are lemmings.
for the past 12 years the rate of conformity in the human race has shot up 120000000%

when some big name celeb is on it
it becomes cool.
when it grows on the leaders and they recommend it to others
it becomes cool

sandman2241977d ago

I'm 100% for windows 8. It's simple and I can't wait to spend all night with it. When does it come out?

aviator1891977d ago

Great review. I had the same reservations and concerns that many people have before using it, but I'm really liking the experience so far.

astar1234567891977d ago

i hate the way it looks sorry ill stick with what i have

DoomeDx1977d ago

You can always go back to the Desktop view.

Try before you complain