Why Did Android Finally Bids Farewell to Adobe Flash

Youth Frenzy - Something that people never thought of a year ago has happened: Adobe quietly lay down their Flash player for mobile devices. It is not a surprise as Flash did not receive the expected response from users and it seemed the particular product from Adobe was doomed to perish from the beginning. Adobe has removed Flash from Google Play and it will no longer be available for users. Android enabled devices that don’t have Flash will not able to download it from now. It is not the complete end to Flash as it will offer security updates on a regular basis to existing Flash users (if there are any). This is the maximum service Adobe will render for Flash in future.

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evil_element2071d ago

Where are the doomsday folk? Weren't they prophesying the end of iphone and ipad with the lose of flash?

hellvaguy2071d ago

Doubt it. Apple users are fanatical. They prolly gunna start a new religious cult for all the mindless followers to join, like scientology or something like that.

Speed-Racer2071d ago

There are guys selling organs for iPhones, that pretty much explains the grab Apple has.

Knight_Crawler2070d ago

Dude Apple can slap an Apple logo on steaming poop and call it the i poop and it will sell millions, then six months later they can release the i poop SG and will sell another millions.

I dont hate Apple and congrats to them for being the most important company in the world but never understood why people are willing to drop $600 on a phone that cost about $150 to make in china.

hellvaguy2069d ago

Way, way less than $150.

astar1234567892071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Stop hating, and grow up!!! Flash is dyeing because of html5 but you guys wont know anything about that.

SilentNegotiator2070d ago

Of course we wouldn't. Because HTML5 has been slow to adoption for "former" flash uses and flash still rules the internet.

Moentjers2070d ago

And the reason is ??? Slow thinking companies that keep supporting Flash so there is less need to move to HTML5...

evil_element2070d ago

LOL, course html5 has been slow to start, its yet to be classed as a standard.

DaThreats2070d ago

Whats up with the grammer in the article?

SilentNegotiator2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Pickles: "I don't sees the whats the problems is"

DeadManMcCarthy2070d ago

Wait, so I won't be able to watch youtube videos on my android anymore?

bakasora2070d ago

Is html5 able to create games like bejeweled?

evil_element2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

lies in an android world.