Windows 8 Is Not Good For Gamers

Kotaku - For the past several days, I've been playing with a very nice laptop that has Windows 8 Professional installed on it. Many others, like our sibling site Gizmodo, have looked at Windows 8's usability for professional environments, or for everyday home computing. I've been exploring its potential specifically for gaming, trying out play-related features both old and new. It's taken me half a week to learn to use it, but after beginning the long process of adapting, I feel that I can safely say:

Gabe Newell might be right.

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-Mezzo-2098d ago

Windows 8 is definitely not off to a good start.

gizmig2098d ago

It definitely gonna need some upgrades so that every user can take full advantage of it.

sikbeta2097d ago

People b*tching because Metro is shoved it down the throat, but it'll be Optional, if there is no other choice, now that's different, but MS can't just ditch the basic UI 99% of the population that have a Computer used for decades, PC users are not Apple sheeps... XP

KMCROC542097d ago

Thats cause their afraid of change & fear of someone putting thier hands in the cookie jar.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Also the fact they are trying to be like apple.

Why should after all these year Valve would have to pay M$ 30% just to have steam on the front page? With all the other tile crap..

You actually like jumping back and forth from desktop to metro to do certain things?

It's definitely not user friendly.

Enjoy the UI that is not made for you I guess.

Two things that window 8 get right is OS performance and searching.

KMCROC542096d ago

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney cause eventually the free ride ends, especially if your making profit hand over foot .

Also what's wrong with being like Apple have you seeing their Profit & worth figures, what company would not want figures like that.

As for the getting use to, it would be no different than all the other things i needed to get use to till it became first nature.

Crazyglues2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

What if I told you, "Windows 8 Is Not Good For Gamers?"

I would say, "I know so just give me the blue pill and let me wake back up in my bed running windows 7, and it will be as if Windows 8 does not even exist -you get to skip the candy land O.S. and return when windows 9 is being released."


you can take the Red pill, "and wake up in a nightmare, were it's almost impossible to go back and finding the start button in like looking for waldo on an 100inch plasma with 4k resolution..."

You will forever be lost and your computer will become a nightmare where you rather just downgrade then continue on..

The choice is yours my friend - RED or BLUE pill?

RED and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.. -

BLUE just how sweet your life has really been -

KingME2097d ago

Haha, Nanna just isn't very smart. Most people would have picked up on the clue that the OS was giving

Besides, the RTM version of Windows 8 takes you to the login screen as you click the button. At least use the latest version before you talk BS.

Just saying.

illidari2097d ago

My Response To Article:
1) Your an idiot

2) Nothing changed on how you play your games. They download the same. They install the same. They launch the same from the desktop.

NOTHING CHANGED. No patches required. No weird graphics. NOTHING.

If you want to use the new metro UI besides the desktop, just create a shortcut button on the UI. YOU DON'T HAVE TO. I REPEAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

3) Yes, Microsoft has opened a store for their games. These games function like apps and don't require the desktop to be opened to run them. To runt these games, you hit the start menu short, you can create a short cut button to them. A BUTTON. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, CAN YOU NOT HANDLE A BUTTON?

To repeat: A game developed on WINDOWS 7, FUNCTIONS EXACTLY THE SAME ON WINDOWS 8.





If you want your game to function without the desktop open, and as an app, YES, you must do more work. Do you see Skryim on your ipad? Hell no. Why ? Because it doesn't work. Why the hell do you think Skyrim would function as a Windows 8 App? It won't. Therefore it won't be developed for that. No AAA game will be. THEY WILL ALL BE DEVELOPED EXACTLY LIKE THEY ARE ON WINDOWS 7.

Soldierone2097d ago

What you said "doesn't change" has nothing to do with how a game works on a computer. The article even goes on to explain why you are wrong there. Windows 7 was all about gaming. Shutting down process' keeping things organized FOR YOU and so on. Windows 8 ditched that effort to bring a stupid tablet interface to you instead, and all the games are un-organized and have to go through several different certification to fix it....

By the way Apps is short for Applications....and my "games" work as applications on Windows 7 and they organize themselves right from the need for buttons, or the extra hassle of organizing it myself.

And you can call the writer an idiot all you want, Gabe Newell and SEVERAL other major icons developing your games have said the same thing the writer said. So are they all idiots too? The person that co-created steam?

Based on what I'm reading, MS is looking to just push Xbox in our faces even more. Which is why I sold my Zune. They are trying desperately to take on Sony in the whole "taking over the living room" war.

"but but you can just put the old desktop view" then why bother? Plus now I know that THAT runs as an app....ugh. I'll stick with 7, I learned my lesson with Vista, when MS goes for visuals, the OS normally fails in other areas.

illidari2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

The games still install in the same directories. If you knew how to navigate your directories you would find your games the same.

If you relied on the start menu. Just open the start menu ui and start typing, the game appears.

If you like staring at all your games at once, open the application menu, it lists EVERYTHING on the computer that is an application in alphabetical order.

When I said "make a button", that referred to making a start menu shortcut. The same as you have to do in Windows 7 if you wanted a start menu shortcut.

The whole point behind the desktop being an application is for everything to run without conflict if you have multiple applications open at once.

Why does Steam and Minecraft Creators not like Windows 8? That is because its a closed platform. You must design in pure Microsoft code to be on the Microsoft Store. Can you directly sell to Apple with little work? No.

Do they HAVE to develop for the Windows Store? No.

Will people develop for Windows? Yes

Will this pull away from Steam which does rely on Indie sales? Yes

Does this financial impact Steam? Yes.

Does the gamer get affected when Steam makes a little less money? No.

Graduate student in computer science right here. What is your qualifications?

evil_element2097d ago

Were all behind you. cough cough NOT!

Lets all rejoice over this new addition to the Vista Family.

Veni Vidi Vici2097d ago

I always love it when someone calls another person an idiot in a forum and uses "your" instead of "you're".

Huma2097d ago

LOL! Someone had to say it... :)

Soldierone2096d ago

People don't want to see EVERY application. Windows 7 has a dedicated gaming section and all your games are there. Installing, it creates the icons for you, it organizes it for you, you don't need to search or scroll through everything.

Again THIS is what the article is talking about. Are there ways around it? Yes of course there are, but that isn't the point.

Okay its bad for Steam, but what about the others? Blizzard? The biggest PC company out there right now doesn't like it either. The company that a majority of PC gamers know about, and play their games, doesn't like it.

If you are a computer major, then why do you want a closed platform? I take programming courses all the time and have been working in that direction, and based on the community and windows community, Windows being a little more "open" was always a strength over Apple. I can't stand Apple computers, and yet here is Microsoft dumbing down their own OS...Why should Microsoft start being like Apple? I don't want them to be.

Fact is Microsoft is trying to push Xbox, like I said above, and for those that own an Xbox thats great. For those that don't care, then why bother? Why should a company HAVE to go through more certifications? Aren't PC developers crying enough as is? This is just another hassle they have to go through. And for indie developers, its not like these certifications are free.....

These guys not only have certifications in the industry, they ARE the industry, so I think I trust THEIR word a little more than yours.

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gaffyh2097d ago

I would totally believe you Morpheus...

mcstorm2097d ago

I love how people are giving windows 8 stick before even trying it.

Ive been using it for a few months now and I cant find anything wrong with it all my apps games ect work from my xp and windows 7 installs.

Windows 8 is the same as Windows 7 in terms of x32 and x64 apps the only real difference for windows 8 over 7 is the start menu and if im frank I would pick the new start menu over the old one as it can be setup how I want it and for those people saying its missing things you have 2 choices. 1 pin it to the start menu or 2 right click on the bottom left hand corner of the screen an up pops a menu with more or less all the options in windows you want.

I was not a fan of Vista at all and at that point I started looking at other OSs but ms got it right with Windows 7 and I stuck with it and I think they have also given us the best of both worlds with Windows 8 a fully working OS that will work on every form factor out there and also works very well. Boots up fast and works with more or less every xp and windows 7 software and device out there.

People now a days are too quick to judge and all I can say is give windows 8 a go for a month or so and I bet 90% of you will change your mind. It changed mine and everyone who has set it up as a duel boot on there pc at work is now picking windows 8 over 7 once they find out how to use it and how best fits there needs as it is quicker and easer than 7 or xp when you know how to use it.

Its not for everyone just like Iphone, Windows Phone and Android, Or Wii, PS3 and 360 but its good to have choice. If you don't like it stay on 7 xp mac or what ever you use.

SilentNegotiator2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I love how people pretend to know whether or not a person has used the often demoed OS.

And act as though it isn't common sense that having so many over-complications with 8's interface is horribly unintuitive.

And furthermore, pretend like you're the only one on the planet that has had extended use with it.

Feel free to stop your ironically judgmental attitude at any time.

pompombrum2097d ago

Well I say this as someone who is biased against Microsoft however when I think of windows 8 I think of the UI without a desktop designed for non PC related things.

Now I don't know if the final product resembles the UI picture I have specifically in my head that reminds me of Windows 8 but really... I'd avoid this like the plague to the extent where it's not even worthy of my time researching.

Maybe Windows 8 is a fully fledged operating system but if they are trying to get away from conventional desktops and into a more casual friendly ipad like interface, they can GTFO imho.

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