BmR: SilverStone TJ04-E Computer Case Review Silverstone is a company that whose products I always look forward to reviewing. They tend to keep their engineering department on a loose leash and as such Silverstone tends to have some unique designs come out of its doors while keeping the beautiful exteriors I expect out of my cases. The Silverstone TJ04-E is a redesigned version of the venerable TJ04 case, with a new interior that has some interesting designs that allow the TJ04 to hold nine 3.5" drives and six 2.5" drives. The TJ04-E can also accommodate video cards up to 12.8" even with the drive cage installed an impressive feat considering the TJ04-E is only 489mm long and considered a mid-tower enclosure. Therefore, the real question is does the unique design of the TJ04-E make for a great case, or does Silverstone need to go back to the drawing board.

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