Is Your PC Up to Date? Benchmark it with These Programs

Tomsguide: Interested in finding out if your machine is up to snuff? Need to stress-test your new hardware or overclocking scheme? Want to find out if your system tweaks are really delivering the results you expected? The easiest way to answer these questions is to benchmark your machine with some of these software tools.

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steve30x2066d ago

The only part in my computer thats up to date is my GTX680. The rest is two years old and some parts are over three years old.

RevXM2066d ago

MY pc cant run BF3... that is indication enough that it is outdated. AMD Athlon II X4 640, RADEON HD4670, 4GB RAM.

Lol yeah time to uppgrade by far, but Im gonna have to wait until I can afford it. My priority atm is my car wich im going to tune and shine up with some fixes, a light cosmetic lift and an all new stereo setup and I dont know how much Ill put into it, but it will be a lot.

CoryHG2066d ago

Seems like it's just your card. That processor and RAM should be fine to run BF3.

RevXM2066d ago

That may be true, but even so the rest of my components are old and would bottleneck a new gpu. But then it should be able to run BF3 though. Its just that I rather build an all new pc from the ground up in a new big tower casing/cabinet. (I dont like midi towers much, too little space IMO)

And my old midi tower rig would act as a media server/HTPC.

steve30x2065d ago

It depends on the resolution. The higher your resolution the less the CPU matters and the more your GPU matters.