Why Android Fragmentation Never Really Mattered

Tech Analyzer:

"Android’s fragmentation has always been a necessary byproduct of its larger impact on the technological ecosystem. Failure to understand this can result in a skewed perspective of what Android has to offer, as well as what it has been offering this entire time."

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Captain Tuttle2102d ago

"Fragmentation sets in when a few of the older devices simply cannot receive the update due to hardware requirements or they receive the update but because of hardware limitations, some features are omitted".

A few? How many Android phones run ICS? How many run Jelly Bean? The vast majority of Android phones still run Gingerbread. It's an issue but not game breaking to the majority of consumers.

KingPin2102d ago

i think by a few his referring to phones running android or froyo.

gingerbread is the most popular android version.

but i dont think anyone still uses a device running 1.xx and most people using froyo probably updated to gingerbread via official or custom roms.

but im glad android progresses with hardware.

can you imagine having a beast of a PC running windows 95.

Crazay2102d ago


I'm running win 95 on my's a VM but my system is far too powerful for it.

TechAnalyzer2101d ago

Yeah, it IS an issue. I never said it wasn't. It's just not a BIG issue compared to all the other things Android brings to the table.

evil_element2101d ago

Fragmentation is what has screwed up Android platform. How can I as a developer develop for 120+ variations of android devices?

TechAnalyzer2101d ago

To respond to Evil_element: there are APIs that make it easier for developers to develop applications for Android's various forms.

Read here: http://android-developers.b...