PlayStation Vita sales topped 2.2 million worldwide as of June 30

joystiq : Sony says that its latest console, the PlayStation Vita, topped 2.2 million units sold this summer. "The latest figures we've released for Vita (as of June 30th) are 2.2. million sales worldwide," an SCEE rep told us. We reached out following a report from, where German PlayStation head Uwe Bassendowski mentioned the number in the context of the Vita's marketing.

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fatstarr2098d ago

is this considered a success or something?

3DS killed it on sales.

Captain Tuttle2098d ago

Only the diehard consider it a success. Those are terrible numbers

mushroomwig2097d ago

Surely they have to announce a price drop soon, the 3DS was also doing poorly until the price was stopped and now it's unstoppable.

Although the price isn't the only issue, where are the killer apps? The developers just don't seem to be fully supporting it yet.

adorie2097d ago

Sadly for Sony, they need to drop the price to 199 or so, because those sales are not too good.

Captain Tuttle2097d ago

Yeah, Sony's in a tough bind with the Vita. They've been bleeding money for years and can't afford to drop the price so Vita sells poorly. With poor sales third party interest drops. Sony can't afford to support it on their own. It's a vicious cycle.
And Sony closed Liverpool Studios today, no more Wipeout.