Clown had Steve Jobs' stolen iPad

Yahoo - Families waiting for San Francisco's cable cars on a recent morning couldn't help but notice Kenny the Clown, who wore a curly rainbow wig as he twisted brightly colored balloons into animal shapes for visitors, blasting Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" from an iPad at his feet.

Little did the clown know that the tablet doubling as his stereo would turn out to have been stolen from the home of the late Steve Jobs.

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AgentWhite2069d ago

" Dark Night " - Why so Serious . >> Return Of Dark Night!

SilentNegotiator2068d ago

A clown with the goal to become mayor has a stolen Job's owned iPad?

I smell a conspiracy.

palaeomerus2068d ago

Maybe the laptop chose him. Maybe Kenny the Clown is the future of niche marketed portable embedded telecommunications computing technology.