Predicting our movements with our cellphones

TFP: Researchers have come up with an algorithm that can predict where you will go in the future, based on your cellphone location activity.

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Speed-Racer2070d ago

Sounds scary, but people still have the choice to disable location services. The problem will arise when they start to use location data captured on the telecoms level.

GanjaMan2069d ago

lol are u stupid? just because u turn off location services dosnt mean it still cant track you, it says on ur phone its off dont mean its off on their end, btw have u searched about something called 'trapwire' if u havnt google it mate and i bet u didnt even know they would be doing that shit!!

Speed-Racer2069d ago

Did I not say that? In the second line? Do you need glasses to read?

It all depends on who is capturing your data. If a marketing company is using telecom data, then clearly something is wrong because they would have be using data captured only by that when location services are turned on. Trapwire is a somewhat different scenario which goes down to the telecoms level.

Snooki2070d ago

Now I can find where Jwoww hid my nail polish.

SJIND2069d ago

This is quite disturbing but not wholly unpredictable. Our mobile communication devices, our leashes. Technology is a two edged sword and very sharp, indeed.