A Car That Runs On Air: The Future Is Here?

Gizmag: Cars that run on compressed air sound like a fantastic idea on paper, but bringing this technology to the masses has proven, well, a difficult road to travel. There's some positive news on the air-car front though - auto giant Tata Motors, which holds the license to develop Motor Development International's (MDI) air engine technology in India, has announced that it has completed the proof of the technical concept and demonstration phase of its air-car program and is now moving toward a market ready product.

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KingPin2077d ago

this.....will not take off.

governments and oil companies will amke sure it doesmt.

do you know how much of government revenue will be lost if they no longer get money from the fuel levy. BILLIONS!!!

and they cannot charge you for air either.
they will probably charge you a congestion charge but if people stand together even that will fall through. (check the South African toll gate saga)

point is with all the advances we have made tech wise, dont you think car manufacturers would have perfected the electric car from the 80s by now. a good 22 years later.

kingPoS2077d ago

Why do they have to make the concepts look so damn ugly. No one going to want it with an appearance like that.

You maybe right about the people behind the scenes. They've definitely suppressed tech before. The question is: How long will this go on before they can no longer justify their reasons. or till enough people get fed up & standup.