Let’s See How Windows 8 Performs Against Windows 7

Kotaku - Unless you have been living under a rock, there is a good chance you have caught wind of Microsoft's latest operating system. Those eager to see what the new OS is all about had their first chance to take a peek back in February when Microsoft released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

More than a million downloads took place within the first day of the preview's release, but users were in for a shock as major changes awaited them. By far the most controversial has been the replacement of the Start menu for the new Start screen, and inherently, Microsoft's decision of doing away with the Start button on desktop mode.

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Brawler2106d ago

Not bad the fps differences only thing I can think of is the maturity of the drivers for windows 7 to 8. But man i still hate the tile interface did not enjoy it in the consumer preview. Felt so clunky on my dekstop.

fatstarr2106d ago

Good benchmarks. Im sticking with 7 but im sure the masses will move on to 8 once its swapped in with everything come 2013

aviator1892106d ago

As a member of technet, I've already got my copy of windows 8 and it runs fantastic. I actually like the interface and switching to the desktop is super slick and fast. I love it.

evil_element2105d ago

Retelling of the story of when XP meet Vista.