The bacteria-eating virus that could one day power your mobile phone

Dailymail: Countless scientists have mastered how to extract power from bacteria in the search for eco-friendly energy.
But they've now gone one step further and figured out how to harness energy from a virus that eats bacteria.

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SJIND1924d ago

The M13 virus is not only friendly but versatile. Researchers at M.I.T. last year discovered that the M13's ability to arrange itself in patterns could increase the efficiency of solar power cells...

konnerbllb1923d ago

I'm about five shots of vodka in tonight.. but even if I were sober I have a feeling I still wouldn't understand what you just wrote.

SJIND1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Just go through this link then you might understand...

thorstein1922d ago

I want a bacteria that will power my AUTOmobile.

Crazay1922d ago

That is some seriously awesome science. Sure wish I had paid better attention in High School instead of screwing the pooch.

DeadlyFire1922d ago

This won't eat my hand if I get my hand dirty will it? I would hate to have the M13 static shock virus. Although it would be cool in my fingertips so I can play as a Sith lord.

Lord_Sloth1922d ago

You aren't made of Bacteria so no. You'd be safe from it. It might eat some gook off of your hands though.

gaffyh1922d ago

We should all bathe in this virus then.