Sprint Will Give Away Free Extended Batteries To Galaxy Nexus Owners

OMGDroid :"Recent leaked screenshots from Sprints secret memo clearly detail an upcoming special gift for all GAlaxy Nexus users on the network. All Galaxy Nexus owners, current and future will get a free extended battery without paying a single dime, and there’s no catch."

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Gondee2135d ago

Sprint is really trying to differientate itself from the other major carriers. The fact that they still have an unlimited plan makes me want to sign up lol

dilawer2135d ago

T-Mobile needs to learn something! ;)

DXDA2135d ago

Its not really unlimited you pay a $10 smart phone data coverage per line. Only for smart phones. This adds up if you have the family plan like me. I pay an extra $40 for this smart phone coverage.

DXDA2135d ago

By the way Sprint just announced a 2 year contract extension if your job has a company discount. you must agree to it or no discount. I just found out yesterday. No worries from me I've been with Sprint 8+ yrs. Another contract from sprint for a discount doesn't bother me it might for others.