Rumour: Microsoft Surface Tablet to Cost $199? writes: "If internet rumours are to be believed, the Microsoft Surface tablet could cost just $199 when it launches later this year. According to an ‘inside source’ at the recently held TechReady 15 conference, which is an internal Microsoft event, the price and details of the tablet’s launch were told to attendees."

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Crazay2135d ago

Just announcing the tablet wasn't enough at that presser a little while ago when. They were missing some valuable information in the press event. Pricing and availability. I hate Apple, but at least when they announce something - they have pricing and availability is usually days to weeks away. There's no ambiguity to their product.

We still don't have definitive pricing, they're missing out on the very important back to school season. I think they missed out on a big opportunity.

gaffyh2135d ago

That's true, maybe they want to wait and see if Apple do an iPad Mini, and then release around the same time to try and steal some market share from them?

Crazay2135d ago

But if/when they do announce and release that - It's going to be available for sale within days and MS is likely to still have a good month long wait.

Grap2134d ago

ipad mini? it does look to me Ipod

gaffyh2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

@ above - no that's the ipad micro.