Some Men Willing To Give Up Sex For An iPhone 5

NRM: "Anticipation for the iPhone 5 is at fever pitch. The release is rumoured to be just a month away; but what would you give up to get your hands on it? Turns out that one in eleven men would be willing to go celibate for a month if it meant getting the long awaited smartphone before the release date."

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Speed-Racer2135d ago

I'm guessing you're first in line to give up sex for an iPhone?

adorie2134d ago

He would give up food and air for an iPhone 5.

KingPin2135d ago

so does this prove that Apple users are gay or that they have hideous partners that they'd rather have an iphone 5.

LordStig2135d ago

no, it's that those men have clicked onto the fact that they shouldn't breed.

Crazay2135d ago

Uhhhmmmm...Really?!? This is one of the worst pieces of trash I've had the displeasure of seeing. Firstly, noone in their right mind would ever say that seriously, 2ndly if someone really did mean that, they should turn in their man card.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2135d ago

They screwed up the wording. If asked if those "men" would give up their hands "sex partner" for an iPhone 5 they all looked on in disgust saying no. I don't get people. I am an iPhone user and see nothing that makes the new model a must have. All these other phone companies release the latest and greatest every 3 weeks. This shit is starting to be like capcom milking customers for dlc. Give me all the features available now instead of holding out for an update you chose not to release and make us think we are blessed you were gracious enough to screw us.

Hope with the new upgrades/faster Internet the phone companies further restrict Internet use. /s
I've already killed my cable because of the greed, the cell phone will be next if things keep up. I'm not a supporter of rape and pillaging.

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The story is too old to be commented.