Samsung Brings “Prior Art” Evidence In Court, Proves Android Hasn’t Copied iPhone

Androidome:I'm sure you all aware about the "Apple vs Samsung" trial, but I'm pretty sure that you don't know the fact that Samsung gather some vital evidence for the Court. It seems that Samsung managed to prove the Court that the company hasn't copied iPhone's patterns.

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KingPin2079d ago

Apple is getting owned!!

this is what happens when nothing you create is original and instead build on others ideas. every bit of iphone tech was out before the iphone came to life.

and if apple is complaining about the UI, well then they suing the wrong person. UI has nothing to do with samsung. it has to do with google. but ofcoz, Apple wont go after google out of pure fear they will get their asses handed to them.

i hope samsung crushes Apple.

and then i hope microsoft, HTC, Nokia, Moto, Google...etc all pile on Apple and put them in their place for good.

lordgreeg2079d ago

Truth is... Apple did copy absolutely everything. The sad part? Apple knew how to implement some technologies in a time when software, UI, design, and other minor patents weren't so popular. If the auto business would have resembled the mobile market, then we would have had only 3 types of cars. Sadly, Apple has a lot of good reputation so this could have a negative influence on the judges.

Moentjers2078d ago

"i hope samsung crushes Apple"

And who would make things usuable and easier accesible for us ? Would you still like to work with the MS tablet PC or with a 'after'-iPad tablet ? Compare the phones Samsung had before the iPhone and what they have now... giant leaps suddenly !

kingPoS2079d ago

This is is why it's so hard to bring innovation to the market.
Because when patent hoarders strike, it's often the fresh new ideas that take the blow.