Late Apple Founder Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto Home Robbed

cbslocal : More than $60,000 worth of computers and personal items has been stolen from the Palo Alto home of the late Steve Jobs.

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Ramon3MR1651d ago

That's just terrible...f'n people, man.

mcstorm1651d ago

People have no shame at all.

LOL_WUT1651d ago

Thats really messed up i hope they catch this person.

adorie1651d ago

Didn't you read? they caught him!

Supposedly, he didn't know it was Jobs house that he was robbing. Who knows?

Speed-Racer1651d ago

Sadly enough, some people around here just read the title and make assumptions.

fatstarr1651d ago

60,000$ in apple worth is the equivalent to 10k in real computer costs that were loss.

lol he probably took an iPad 3 and the latest mac book.

how could the burgular not see the shrine of apple statue in the middle of his house.

simonrope1651d ago

Steve who? Good bye Apple, hello Android.

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