Adobe Pulls the Plug on Flash for Android Tomorrow

appsplit: "Adobe made an announcement last year stating that they will kill support for flash on mobile devices and tomorrow they will pull the plug on Flash for android. They will not support any future installs for Android. Even though Adobe stated back in the days that Flash would bring the full web experience to mobile devices but looks like they’re not interested in bringing any experience to mobile devices now."

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adorie2109d ago

Grew up with Flash and Photoshop. It's weird to see them gradually drop support for flash, but understandable at the same time.

Soldierone2109d ago

I don't think Photoshop is going anywhere. I've used all kinds of programs and none of them even come close in all terms to Photoshop, and their video production programs are the only things of quality for PC and push Apple too.

Flash though....its the first language i learned and loved, and now its disappearing. Its weird....never thought that'd happen.

dilawer2109d ago

well, they will continue their support on PC but Windows 8 will not support flash as previous Windows did.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Goodbye Flash/Flex... Probably one of the biggest casualties of Apple's "innovative" marketing.

fatstarr2109d ago

thats a salty way to go out. especially when android > Ios in volume and devices.


Aussiegamer2109d ago

I dont understand why they would drop andriod, they do realize that andriod has 60% of the market share and ios only has 19%?!

This is silly.

Speed-Racer2109d ago

Who are they going to support though? Apple has no Flash either... I think secretly Adobe just doesn't give a damn about the Flash brand anymore. It doesn't make them any money versus their premium products from their productivity suite.

Strange_Evil2109d ago

Even with so many volume devices and market share of Android, it's safe to bet that only 10-20% of that market share owned premium phones that had capable specs to even run flash smoothly.i've seen flash performance on my friends Nexus and it's atrocious to say the least.

Lets face it, flash was always crap even on high end Android devices till last year. Also adobe didn't giva a sh!t to optimze flash and make it less of a resource and battery hog. Also flash had gaping security issues. Also factor in that Apple wasn't backing Adobe as well infact they were staunch opposers (and as per statistics, internet usage of iOS is greater than Android)... So the larget consumer base was shunning it as well.

Add all of those facts and it's not shocking to see the white flag from the adobe stable.

Soldierone2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

What the hell is their problem? They are getting so greedy with Flash and thats whats killing it, themselves, no one else. I dont see the logic in killing it for Android at all. They have a good relationship with Google unlike Apple and could really develop something with the bigger marketshare, and really push the boundaries on HTML5 with competition.....

It does suck because a lot of sites still use Flash....but at the same time Adobe is literally trying to kill Flash by making it a pain in the arse with updates and platform issues etc....

IF this is about Apple then its stupid too. The only reason Apple "prefers" HTML5 is because Adobe pushed their CS Suite to compete with Apple's products and Apple didn't like it, so of course they "prefer" the competition.....

KingPin2109d ago

so what happens to all the old youtube videos?

if they stop android development does that mean i wont be able to see youtube videos via my mobile?

just curious

dilawer2109d ago

Ahem! YouTube has a mobile app that doesn't require flash.

KingPin2109d ago

(0_0) now i look like a tool. lol thanks :P

Speed-Racer2109d ago

YouTube has been transitioning to HTML5 as well. I am not sure what file format they use on their mobile platform, but it's definitely not flash. And don't feel like a tool, consider it something new you learnt today. :)

kingPoS2109d ago

Noooooooo! I was too late!!!

If Adobe is pulling from android, then next question is who's next?

dilawer2109d ago

Nobody! Cuz they didn't support any other mobile platform in the first place. :)

Strange_Evil2109d ago

What do you mean by 'who's next?' lol. Android was the only major mobile platform supporting flash. iOS had shunned flash and now Android. Windows phone doesn't support it as well although it still isn't a major player.

It's safe to say flash is dead on the mobile front and i say good riddance. Long live HTML5. By next year i guess 90% web will move on to HTML5 and then we can even cut it out of the destop and Laptops.

dilawer2109d ago

YOU! What Have You said!

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