Alleged Xbox ‘Durango’ development system sells for $20K on eBay

Yahoo - Despite plenty of leaks, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm that it's working on the next Xbox. But the first one may already have been sold.

An eBay auction over the weekend found a buyer for a purported Xbox 'Durango' Development Kit — a system game developers use to create games for the upcoming console. The buyer, who remained anonymous, shelled out $20,100 for the kit, which apparently looks like a black computer tower.

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-Mezzo-2081d ago

Boy would it suck for the Buyer, if it turned out to be just a Gaming Rig.

If it is indeed Xbox ‘Durango’, i hope the Buyer releases some details.

Speed-Racer2080d ago

$20,000? wtf? As much as people would want to get their hands on the new Xbox platform....that's just too much.

-Mezzo-2080d ago

Yes, it's a ridiculous amount of money, the buyer probably bought it in hope that he'll be able to sell it at a Profit.

Or maybe it's Microsoft who bought it & prevented it from being in a strangers hand.

fatstarr2080d ago

if real hes going to jail.

theres no reason for a dev kit
cept to hack
or program

.... but if 20k is what you need to consider your self first your life is uh..... not that good.