$525 Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build

GamersNexus: "This less-than-$550 cheap gaming build is intended for gaming on high/mid-high settings and accomplishing most work tasks, though for professional applications (e.g. video encoding), we'd recommend looking at spending a bit more."

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fatstarr1985d ago

another decent cheap build.

I can go cheaper but this is decent.

2pacalypsenow1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

add another $100 for windows so it make it $625 and maybe $20 for mice/keyboard (more if you want to get a gaming mouse+keyboard) and a monitor

thebudgetgamer1985d ago

That's a good point and the reason why I am going to hold off buiding a gaming rig until they get Steam for Linux off the ground. Also I plan on hooking it up to my 42 inch television.

Soldierone1985d ago

Thats what I'm doing. Monitors are not expensive at all anymore, but I'll just be hooking it all up to my tv and creating a media center.