More news that next Xbox may be a modified Windows 8 PC

TFP: Even more clues within Windows 8 are pointing towards a next-gen Xbox system running on the same OS (or an SKU of Win8).

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Speed-Racer2134d ago

Sounds reasonable though. Let's face it, we are living in a society where systems are fast becoming integrated into one another. In the grand scheme of things, there are no longer such things as dedicated gaming consoles. Now you can hook up to the web, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It only makes sense to simplify the platform and I also see a ray of hope for PC gaming, since Xbox and PC devs MAY have an easier task and porting games back and forth. I am glad that they are getting rid of GFWL but I don't know how restrictive their new platform might be. Just hope they don't BS us with DRM and what not.

Captain Qwark 92133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

personally i think they already should be. sell the next xbox for 250 bones with minimal specs and easily interchangeable slots for the hdd, graphics card, and ram. obviously they would all be custom pieces such as the 360's first hdd and minimal to no tools required to switch them out so anyone could figure it out. then you have a simplified pc for the masses, it would have a similar interface to windows 8 but still be geared more toward a console interface. offer up around 2-3 upgrade options for the g-card, ram, and hdd.

then when devs create pc games, the two would be virtually identical and they could even leave all the graphical options in for those who have a fully upgraded 360. in the end it is exactly that, a simplified pc capable of most everyday tasks a pc does, similar to a tablet youd hook up on your tv

also, you have a lot of bubbles

2133d ago
Shadonic2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

i like that idea it leaves it at a low price for those who cant afford high end versions. also i wold like more bubbles.

Kaneda2133d ago

Why don't you just a PC? :)

DoomeDx2133d ago

If you have a console with interchangeable slots..then why would you buy a console? A Pc sounds much more reasonable then.

Consoles are meant to be friendly to ''tech noobs''

tee_bag2422133d ago

As nice as that sounds. What you're pretty much after is a PC that's a little more plug and play friendly.
You should just be done with it and get a PC. If you want a console look get something like this Alienware x51 -

Pretty sweet

I don't the it happening on the GPU side of things.

Captain Qwark 92133d ago

@tee bag

your absolutely right. that is more is less what im describing. ( fyi i dont need it to be noob friendly for myself, i built my own pc lol but still prefer consoles ).

the perk to a console esp one like this is that is would still be more of a closed system. the only upgrades available would be through microsoft, they could keep all hardware in house so that it stays plug and play, no need to find special drivers or worry about compatibility. all games would be created to the lowest spec console so no matter what you wouldnt need to worry about requirements for any particular title. and lastly live would still be a closed system and monitored a little better than the pc online community. its a lot harder ( not that it stops people ) to cheat on a console game than it is a pc game.

in the end, it is a noob freindly pc but overall it would still be cheaper than most entry level pcs and would still provide that console feel while being upgradeable enough that the more hardcore individuals could still enjoy it

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LOL_WUT2133d ago

I'll have to pass up on the next Xbox if this turns out to be true...

Speed-Racer2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Take off your tin foil hat.

ChrisW2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )


And why? Many good games never get ported from PC to consoles or from consoles to PC because of the time and money it takes. Having such closeness with make development 10Xs easier for the Next Xbox, especially for those who are PC game developers.

Oh wait... You must be a Mac - Sony sheep. Go frolic with your herd!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2133d ago

Don't be scared Hardcore games are not that bad!

T3MPL3TON 2133d ago

Oh god... "Hardcore games are not that bad"

So hardcore. I like shootan and killan. So hardcore. Are you 12?

Vortex3D2133d ago

If next Xbox is really going to use standard x86 Intel or AMD CPU and AMD Radeon, it will be interesting to compared similar configured PC hardware. Reason is developers now has less excuse to not optimize the games the very best possible than simply ask the gamers to buy faster hardware.

Why do fewer PC gamers care if the games are optimized the best possible on lower end hardware? Most want the excuse to feel like the top of the line PC hardware is more "needed" than having the code as optimized as possible to run better.

I can imagine many PC gamers will disagree with me here because they need the feel of the need to have high end hardware.

dexus2133d ago

Microsoft has previously stated that x360 games will be playable on windows8 , I don't think that all of them will be, probably only Live stuff etc.
And this is x360 error not x720

alb18992133d ago

the new Xbox should be like a PC so it depends of your wallet how powerful you want it to be.

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