How To Make Windows 7 And Windows 8 Look Like Mac Mountain Lion

WML Cloud writes - If you ever wanted your Windows to look like a Mac computer, then try the Mac Mountain Lion Skinpack.

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LOL_WUT2081d ago

I would do this if I had a windows based PC, but nothing beats the real thing though ;)

Speed-Racer2081d ago

If I wanted my system to look like a Mac, I would buy a Mac. Simple as that.

Dasteru2080d ago

And spend absurd amounts of money to do so? I can build a windows based equivalent of a $2k Mac for about $350 and the only real difference is the UI, which this overlay fixes.

fatstarr2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

why? who wants a mac
why would you punish yourself through this.

thebudgetgamer2080d ago

Lol, windows have been trying to look like OSX for the past few operating systems.

Dasteru2080d ago

Mac's have been trying to look like Linux since the beginning.

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