How the iPhone 5 looks so far

CRN: The rumours surrounding Apple's next-gen iPhone show no signs of abating, with the latest reports pointing towards a thinner screen and in-cell touch panel technology.

In the following gallery, we showcase a menagerie of 'leaked' hardware photos that have appeared online. Naturally, none of these images are in any way endorsed by Apple, which has yet to confirm the existence of the device.

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csimpson2141d ago

One thing's for sure, it's going to have a bigger screen than the current versions. After the onslaught of deluxe 4-inch Androids, they cant afford not to.

Thatguy-3102141d ago

Galaxy note 2. Enough said.

2141d ago
Speed-Racer2141d ago

I have to disagree with you dboyc310, the Note is huge! I think that is crossing the limits of the smartphone tablet boundary.

GuyThatPlaysGames2140d ago

Galaxy Note is way too big of a phone. It looks like you are pulling out an iPad lol. Phones can only have a certain size screen before it gets overwhelming or defeats the purpose of being a mobile device. The iPhone 4 size is perfect. I honestly don't care how similar or different the phone looks compared to it's predecessors, i'm still gonna buy it day one. Like it or not, Apple makes some damn good products that are worth every dollar.

crxss2141d ago

Apple knows that the width of their iPhone (plus a case) is probably the optimal size for users to handle their phones with one hand. Any wider and my thumb would start to have trouble going from one side to the next. I think 4.3" is the max size a phone screen should be. I'm sure we'll see a wider iPhone in the next few years but I hope it doesn't go that much wider than it is now.

sandman2242141d ago

I'm not impressed with a 4 inch display. I hope they surprise us with a bigger one.

yogibeast2141d ago

That's what she said. ;)

sandman2242141d ago

Lmao. That was good......smh.

chazjamie2141d ago

all those designs looks like android phones

LOL_WUT2140d ago

Thats funny because it's actually the other way around. ;)

SnakeCQC2141d ago

dont care im loving my galaxy nexus :)

iNFAMOUZ12141d ago

dont care im loving my galaxy s3 :)


Speed-Racer2141d ago

dont care im living android :)

fixed fixed.

SnakeCQC2141d ago

lol best fix was by racer x there ive moved from an iphone 4 to this phone and its just great the only thing i miss is the built in ipod but i plan on buying on soon best of all worlds

crxss2141d ago

A lot of people with an iPhone 4 have been getting the galaxy s3, probably since their contracts ended a few months ago and they didn't think the new iPhone was going to be as good as the s3 which is already out. I'm going to wit and see what apple announces sept 12, hopefully it'll have a quad core

duplissi2141d ago

gnex with jelly bean... simply awesome. next phone will be hands down the next nexus.

SnakeCQC2140d ago

ive had samsung are far toooooo slow with updates galaxy s3 owners will get jelly bean in like 6 month thats being optimistic

alb18992141d ago


thebudgetgamer2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

How else are they gonna talk about their Droid phone in an Apple article.

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