Why ‘Google Play Store’ should be renamed as ‘Google Market’

Androidome - Recently I came across an interesting discussion regarding the branding of the Android App store which was renamed by Google as the ‘Google Play Store’. In that discussion most of the Android users showed their discontentment with the new name and how it had caused confusion among a number of new Android users who were looking for the Android Apps market.

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Speed-Racer1898d ago

Points well taken...but I don't think it will be a problem in the long term. However the icon combined with the name could cause confusion since that triangular shape is normally associated with video players. Oh well.

Brawler1897d ago

Agreed in the long term it will be fine, but i know when I sell Android phones to customers I always mention that the place to get all the apps is Google Play

Youthfrenzy1898d ago

Exactly. Many of my own friends who were new to Android got confused with the Google Play. People take is as some kind of application itself.

SJIND1897d ago

Google Play is a weird name for the market.
Google AppStore is a good option though..

Youthfrenzy1897d ago

Google AppStore is good too but it poses one problem. It doesn't cover the span of ebooks and music that you can buy from Google Play as well.

linkenski1897d ago

and they'd probably get sued by apple or something.

Speed-Racer1897d ago

@youth - you know you can reply to comments by hitting the reply link to the comment so that a sub thread will be formed, right? :p

Youthfrenzy1897d ago

haha ohk I'll follow the Comment 'guidelines' from now on as well :p

Speed-Racer1897d ago

Yes, thank you. It helps maintain some order in the comments since anyone subcommenting between yours and the one you were 'replying' to can cause some confusion after a while, hence the need for threaded comments. :)

Brawler1897d ago

^^^We need to go deeper.

Speed-Racer1897d ago

@Brawler - That's insane! That many levels is too unstable.

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KingPin1897d ago

i still don't know what was wrong with "Android Market".

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