Why does the $2.5 billion Curiosity use a 2-megapixel camera?

ExtremeTech: It’s not often these days that people get excited about 256×256 images or that anyone considers 2 megapixels to be “high resolution,” but when the imaging device in question is between 34 and 249 million miles away the story changes significantly.

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Soldierone2083d ago

2.5 billion dollars....why not work a "better" camera in simply for taking pictures when they find something interesting? Get a lot more detail out of it no matter which way you spin it, and it will be solely used for that. 2 billion dollars and a bunch of absolutely intelligent people, I'm sure they can figure out how to use one extra lense....

Plus the data transfer issues, why not just wait till its not transferring other data and then do it. Heck why are the satellites only capable of such a small transfer rate?

ProjectVulcan2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

"Heck why are the satellites only capable of such a small transfer rate?"

Ummm....this aint a fibre optic landline FFS LOL

It is transmitting from over 100 million miles away through a vacuum filled with all sorts of crazy radiation across the whole width of the EM spectrum. By the time the signal gets here after travelling at the speed of light 14 minutes later, you'll have to forgive it some signal loss and degradation, considering I struggle to get a decent 2G phone signal when I am 10 miles out in the countryside.

2082d ago