Giant 3D Printer Can Construct Entire Homes In Less Than 24 Hours

NRM writes "We’ve seen everything from the strange (3D printed models of foetus’s), to the inspiring (the story of Emma and her “magic arms”). But what if 3D printing could be used for something more? What if the technology could be applied to build entire homes?

Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis from the University of Southern California might have the answer."

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evil_element2113d ago

lol, the material 3D printers print isn't that strong.

Gamefan122113d ago

did you watch the video? You think they will use the same plastic that is used in those little 3d printers? They are using a high dense concrete mixture.

evil_element2112d ago

I would have questioned the title. The machine would be classed as assembly machine but not a 3D printer. As I have actively used a 3D printer before, they just use 3D dwg files which are feed into a program such as deskproto which makes the instructions.

They shoot a laser into powder to create an object. The newer ones paste fluid plastic to create a surface.