Fanboys, Grab Your Credit Cards: Original Factory-Sealed iPhone Goes Up On eBay For $10,000

Techcrunch: Apparently $10,000 is the going rate for a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone. At least, that’s according to two sellers on eBay, who have recently listed the historic device on the bidding site.

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KingPin2144d ago

if anyone pays this much for this phone i think its conclusive proof that Apple fans are tools.

LOL_WUT2144d ago

Let them spend their money as they see fit how the hell does this effect you?

Also the people who go around bashing Apple products in every article are tools IMO. ;)

KingPin2144d ago

Quick Rich scheme

Buy an iPad, leave it sealed and factory fresh. wait till its massively outdated. sell it on ebay for $10000.

hey, anyone wanna buy a 8-bit game console still factory-sealed by nintendo. or a 16-bit sega megadrive? anyone?

asking price is a bargain. just $5000US each.

sounds ridiculous? guess if Apple made those products it wont sound so bad right.